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Why Choose One-on-one Tutoring?

The answer is in the question...... Professional private tutors provide ONE-ON-ONE instruction tailored to your child's specific needs.

I won't use names here, but most of the "big name learning centers" use their advertising to lead you to believe that they offer one-one-one instruction. But listen carefully, they never say "one-on-one". They can't say it because they don't have it! Their advertisements actually use the words "individualized instruction".

I was an assistant director for 2 years at one of the "big name" centers. I've seen first hand what it's like to hire teachers and train them to work at the center. Most often the student to teacher ratio is 5 to 1. And in most cases the teacher doesn't even have time to sit down and work with the students, she has to remain "on the floor" to rove about the room as students raise their hands with questions. I wouldn't even classify it as "individualized instruction"! Don't misunderstand me, even though the personal attention isn't there, some of these centers do a great job of teaching basic skills, but for the money that they charge at these centers, why not choose a Professional Private Tutor who can do the same and more! Plus a promise to provide Personalized, Caring, One-on-one Instruction tailored to your child's needs.

So now it's up to you. Choose wisely =)

Frank Garrick