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What others have to say....

"Frank Garrick is a superior tutor and mentor for my kids. Being a teacher myself in the Information Technology area,I can appreciate the challenges faced by him when tutoring students. Frank is always patient and positive with his students and that is what makes him exceptional. We are grateful to have Frank as a partner in our children's educational development, in addition to regarding him as a friend of our family. Engaging Frank Garrick and Triangle Tutoring and Enrichment is the smartest move that anyone can make, to help their children realize their full potential and to develop their skills and to gain confidence in themselves. He is truly an innovative and superior tutor in all of the subjects he has helped my daughters in."

Dace McPherson, Raleigh

"My son truly enjoys Frank as his tutor. He has shown much more confidence in Math since seeing Frank. He really enjoys the tutoring sessions! Frank phones us during the week to see if my son needs extra help. Frank goes way above and beyond the norm, which I find exceptional. Frank is always available to answer my questions whether it is after a session, email, or a phone call. Frank receives the calendar from my son's classroom each week, so that he can prepare his lessons in conjunction with the skills being taught by the teacher. My son is performing very well thanks to Frank. I have already made a referral to Frank and plan to continue to do so. I thank Frank as much as I can for helping me to show my son that he can succeed in Math."

Bonitta Bobbitt, Durham

"Frank tested our son and we could see areas of specific weakness right away. We are actually now caught up and ahead of schedule. Frank is very professional and we have seen great results. We hope to have Frank around for a long time."

Dave Stauffer, Raleigh

"Frank's demeanor and preparation were the turning point for us. Our daughter's grade and understanding of the subject matter were greatly improved. This resulted in a happier, more relaxed, and confident student."

Linda B., Raleigh

"I've known Frank Garrick for over 6 years. Because of Frank's experience in the Education field, I have turned to him on many occasions. When my daughter was contemplating changing schools for her children, Frank's familiarity with the public school system helped that decision making process go much smoother for us. I've had a number computer and software issues to deal with in my consulting business, and Frank made himself available to assist in resolving these issues cost effectively. I am convinced that Frank is a man who places a high value on close interpersonal relationships, he is extremely reliable, and he is a man of honesty and integrity. His excitement and enthusiasm I know are apparent to each of his students and their families. Frank has become not only an invaluable source of information for my family and I, but a very close and trusted friend."

Dale Snellbaker, Raleigh